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Safety first! When you’re out on the water, The Buoy is your bevvy’s new BFF. Buoyant yet fashionable, this life jacket keeps your drink safe and cold while you have all the aquatic adventures. It even comes with cute buckles you can cinch down (or unbuckle if you’re in more of a “safety second” kind of mood).

Fits well: 12 oz cans

    With Rubber Base:
    With Fabric Base:



    Customer Reviews

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    Santiago O.G. (Springfield, MA)
    Awesome product

    I love these puffin holders have been using non stop, thanks for a good can holder

    C. (Ocoee, FL)
    Literally a Life Saver for Your Drink!

    This koozie is so much fun! It's great if you are at the pool, beach or on a boat. It's so adorable and eye-catching, I had so many people ask me about my koozie because it's so different and detailed from the standard ones.

    I was a bit hesitant that my beverage wouldn't stay as cold as I would like, due to the design of the vest. To my surprise, the vest did a great job keeping my can cold and the design has a hood that can be lifted to add additional coverage to the can.

    There's so many adorable koozie's to pick from, I'm definitely going to start a collection!

    I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

    mike d. (Portland, OR)
    Big improvement on the original

    Gift for my gf, she loves it and a huge improvement with the rubber base and better lining.

    Laura W. (Paris, IDF)
    Perfect Hostess gift!

    Love these!

    Rich G. (Vancouver, WA)
    Love them

    Thanks again. They were perfect.

    M.B. (San Francisco, CA)
    So cute and functional!

    I have to confess. I’m not a big drink cozy user. This one is so incredibly cute (cuter in person) that I was motivated to use it. Since I was testing for stellar panel- I made sure to really test! Cute is one thing but it should keep drinks cold!
    I’m happy to report that in my test, my spindrift was still cold 5 hours later. 7 hours after removing from the fridge and putting it in the cozy- it was still drinkable. Not warm but not very cold either. Still below room temp which I thought was very impressive for 7 hours!!

    Fun Conversation Starter

    What a fun summertime gift! I love that it can be use with skinny and regular can because of the functional buckles. For me with small hands it was kind of awkward to hold with a regular size can. This cute little vest kept my unopened beverage cold for 4 hours, it didn't keep my taller drink as cold once opened but that ok. I received so many compliments on it when at the pool and I can't wait to take it out on the boat this weekend. It would make a fun gift for friends who own a boat or lake house! I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel and adored it!

    Michelle M. (Dover, NJ)
    Cute Beverage Life Vest, Could be more Functional

    As far as drink insulators go, this is the cutest one I have ever seen. The life vest design is perfect for hanging by the pool! However, the fact that the life vest doesn't cover the entire bottle/can makes me question the functionality. It does have a little "vest hood" that could potentially be used to cover the top of a beer, but it didn't fit over my slender cans and bottles. I drink my beverages quite fast, so my drink does manage to stay cold with this Puffin. But, if you are the kind of person who prefers to savor your beer, this may not be the insulator for you. I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

    T.S. (Bridgewater, NJ)
    Dare to be different!

    A truly cozy looking koozie for my canned beverages! I found this blue puffin to be unique and fun. It is a great identifier for my drink among others as well as doing a marvelous job at keeping my drink ice cold. My favorite little feature is the the hood because it is so cute and functional to cover my drink on top.

    L.A. (Canyon Country, CA)
    Cute But Not Functional

    This little Puffin vest is absolutely adorable. But it only really works on standard soda cans which I don't really consume in my household. I wish there were a way to adjust the size of the vest to fit other size beverages. When I tried it on a water bottle and one of my son's bottles to keep it cool, it kept falling over. Overall, this is a really cute gift idea for families who camp or go to the beach because it's such a cute novelty. But I did not find it to be very functional. I received this product through the Stellar Testing Panel.