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Beverage Flannel

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Designed with two layers of thermal insulation the Beverage Flannel is perfect for any can or bottle. The beverage flannel jacket keeps your drink's sweat off your hands, and your hand sweat off your drink while you work. Everybody wins.
    The Paul Bunyan of Drinkwear

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    Customer Reviews

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    Kirsten W. (Covesville, VA)
    Perfect Christmas Gift!

    I got this for my sister, who loved it! It’s so cute to drink out of and does a good job keeping your hands warm and the drink cold. We’ve already gotten compliments on it! It even fits a tallboy can (pictured)

    Luciane C.d.C.A. (Hillsboro, OR)
    Well made and cute!

    I bought the red beverage flannel one as a present for my husband, and he loved it! It is well made and super cute! I highly recommend it!

    Tiffany N. (Toledo, OH)

    This coozie does not disappoint. Well made, sturdy and everyone loves it. Will definitely be adding more to the collection. Thank you!

    Lora P. (Green Bay, WI)
    So cute

    I got the red flannel for my dad. He put on his red flannel and was drinking his beer using both hands on the little arm handles. Fricken hilarious!

    KARYN K. (Somerville, NJ)
    He said it was the "Best Gift"

    I got the red flannel Puffin for my Son-In-Law for Christmas. He is a beer drinker and he LOVED IT! The other boys in his friends group were all jealous. Well worth it!

    O.P. (Huntsville, AL)
    Love these!!

    Super cute gift idea! I bought one for my boyfriend and ended up getting one for myself too. So glad I did! Cuteness aside they are very functional and keep your hands warm and cozy while still drinking a cold beverage. Highly recommend.

    Vanessa V. (Orange, CA)
    If you’re wondering if you should buy it, it’s a YES!

    I purchased 2 flannel jackets for my mans and I. We both love flannel. Loved it so much I purchased a 3rd for my step dad. It keeps your hands from being cold & keeps the drinks cold as well (haven’t used it with a hot beverage just yet. It is the cutest and a worthwhile investment. It arrived quickly as well.

    Gracie C. (Ashland, AL)
    cute & cozy!

    i got this for my boyfriend for christmas and it is absolutely adorable! i had to test it myself and my michelob stayed cold and fresh with the great insulation. the zipper makes changing bottles super easy and it’s just overall worth the money!

    Jennifer W. (Chicago, IL)
    My husband loved it!

    I got this for my flannel wearing, beer drinking husband. He absolutely loved it! He wants more of them for his collection.

    J.S. (Eldorado, WI)
    Best coozie ever

    This is by far best coozie i have bought. The arms make it easy to hang onto your beverage and it keeps it cold! (Or hot) I collect coozies (unfortunately) and am so happy came across this one!

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