Beverage Adventure Vest

Beverage Adventure Vest

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For those always ready for an adventure, the Puffin Adventure Vest is here to help with two layers of thermal insulation and a great new look!

Fits well: 12 oz cans




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    D.B. (New Bedford, MA)

    I have enjoyed using this product. This Puffin beverage adventure vest ,is is to use. You can slip a belt through it or as for me a rope as I do not use belts.. I have used this Puffin adventure vest during my camping and hiking trip and it worked out very well for me. Being able to carry along a drink and not have to worry holding it in my hands. The really nice thing about this Puffin beverage adventure vest is it's very easy to use and comfortable to wear. I have gotten many compliments on this item here. I was lucky enough to be able to try this Puffin beverage adventure vest through Stellar Product Testing Panel.

    S.L. (Port Gibson, MS)
    Cute Drink"wear" Literally

    Thank You so much Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this lovely beverage accessory. I love my little beverage vest. Who would have thought that drinks could wear "clothes.". It's so fun and unique to use, plus it actually works. My husband and I went out for a day of fishing with a few friends of ours so I decided to slip my little drinkwear onto my beverage beforehand. Our trip lasted roughly 4 hours and my beverage remained nice, cool, and refreshing even in sweltering temperature. I was pleasantly surprised. Even got a few compliments as well. It's super convenient and snug unlike some other products where your beverage slides right out

    J.L. (Berlin, NH)
    I'm in love with this cute Koozie

    I'm in love with this cute Koozie! I got so many compliments on it! Made with high quality materials and very durable. I'll definitely be purchasing more in the future

    Awesome drink accessory

    The Puffin drink vest was really fun to use, and kept my drinks cold. It is easy to take on and off, and washes easily if it gets dirty. I really like using it, especially in these 100+ degree days we keep having! I received this product from Stellar Product Testing Panel for my honest and unbiased review

    E.B. (Kansas City, MO)
    Cute and works great

    I received this product complimentary from stellar in exchange for my honest review. It’s cute, and works great. It kept my drink cold all day long out in the hot summer days. I definitely recommend this brand and product. This would make someone a great gift.

    M.S. (Baltimore, MD)
    Stylish and does the job

    This beverage adventure vest is something new and very different fr the beverage holder vest that I’ve used before. I like the style and it really matches the vibe especially when you are out camping with your family and friends. It really does the job in keeping my drink cold and I get a lot of compliments using this vest. It’s very useful and easy to use with no hustle! This is now my new buddy especially this summer season we do a lot of adventures and outdoor activities so this comes very handy!

    D.V. (Bradford, PA)
    So puffin cute!!!

    I received this product to test for the stellar product testing panel and I absolutely love
    This adorable drink vest! It worked wonders keeping my drinks cold and cute! I received so many compliments on my vest! Not to mention it’s very functional as the back pocket held my vape and money! Definitely recommend this product and would make the cutest stocking stuffer!!

    A.D. (Ankeny, IA)
    Fun new way to kee your drink cold!

    I received this adventure vest and thought it was the most adorable thing in the world. When I first took it out of the package I wondered how it would work and fit my drinks. I like my drinks cold and get upset if they warm up too quickly! However, this adventure vest worked so awesome! The lining of it is insulated to allow for keeping it colder longer than that of a traditional koozie. It also provides a little style and a unique appearance when you are having a drink. Another feature I thought was great is it has a small little pocket on the back of it that you could put some change in. It provided a nice flat bottom so I didn’t have to worry about my drink spilling as well. When I showed it to others, they thought it was a fun way to dress up a drink and asked where they could get one too.

    One feature that I think needs to be a little better is it had sleeves like it was a real vest but I didn’t really see the benefit for this. I tried to use it as a carrying spot but it was slightly awkward to do this. If it was a little longer it would have worked better. Otherwise if the holes would have been smaller it would have been better.

    I received this as part of the stellar product testing panel.

    Brittany G. (Alpharetta, GA)
    A little snug

    I received the Puffin beverage adventure vest as part of the Stellar Panel, and it was very cute! I did struggle to get it on a regular sized can of seltzer. My daughter loves it and it makes a regular beverage more fun.

    Nikki R. (Fort Walton Beach, FL)
    Cute Koozie

    I received this Puffin drink koozie from Stellar For exchange of my honest review. This drink koozie is super cute and perfect for the outdoorsman in your family. The koozie will hold a standard size can or a skinny can. The zipper and pockets are even functional. The koozie helped keep our drinks cold for a longer period of time