Meet our friends: Big City Mountaineers
We have partnered with Big City Mountaineers to help bring awareness to their mission.

Their team has a big heart and assists under-resourced youth through transformative wilderness mentoring experiences.
Meet Fred

Interim National Program Director, Minnesota Program Manager

Fred is passionate about connecting young people to wild places and has been working to ensure that teens everywhere can explore our public lands for over a decade.

Meet Anne

Pacific Northwest Program Manager

Anne finds reasons to sleep under the stars as often as possible. She also lives toprovide those same experiences to youth in the Pacific Northwest. As awilderness therapy instructor and conservation leader, she witnesses incredible youth transform and persevere through tough mental and physical challenges.

Meet Jenna

California Program Manager

Jenna knows having the opportunity to connect with and spend time outdoors is a luxury not awarded to all. She now works hard to ensure youth in her community have the opportunity to learn about and protect our environment.

Meet Scott

New England Program Manager

Scott believes learning through the outdoors is a powerful life changing experience. A native New Englander, who grew up on the north shore of Boston, he singlehandedly expanded Big City mission to the east coast and hopes to bring moreequitable opportunities and access to youth of all backgrounds.

How We're Helping

Produce Content

Puffin is producing video content for BCM and other non-profits to help promote their cause

Provide needed tools

Equip Fred and other BCM managers with the tools and support needed to be successful

Spread the word

Spread the word about the power of the outdoors to inspire and change communities