Beverage Adventure Vest

Beverage Adventure Vest

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For those always ready for an adventure, the Puffin Adventure Vest is here to help with two layers of thermal insulation and a great new look!

Fits well: 12 oz cans




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    Kimmerz (Tualatin, OR)
    Adventure awaits!

    This koozie was made for your outdoor adventures! The attention to detail is incredible (I mean, just look at those pockets!). It does a great job of keeping your cold bevies cold too :)

    Savannah H. (Austin, TX)

    I got a variety of all puffin wear and every single item is amazing! The detail in these vests is perfect!

    L.B. (Pinedale, WY)
    Cute idea, doesn't fit a can

    My daughter this would be great for her dad. I feel just a standard koozie would keep a drink colder longer and there isn't usually a problem with the fit. This might be OK with a bottle or a taller slim can.

    B.T. (Granby, QC)

    I bought I few models of puffin for this Christmas as stocking stuffers! Can wait to see the reaction of my family members when they will discover the world of puffin vests! I love everything about this product. They look awesome, they are well made, the quality of the fabric is great. Will by again for sure!

    Julie A. (McCall, ID)
    Adorable functionality

    I absolutely LOVE this and my man loved it too. I bought it because it matches a green vest he wears. I took a pic today in fact as we went for a drive in the woods to Deadwood Reservoir in Idaho where we enjoyed our chilled ales in our adorable cozy's. They really work well! We couldn't stop giggling as we drank our ales. So much fun. Great idea! Thank you so much for this fun gift!

    Angel Y. (Chula Vista, CA)
    I love it!! The details are awesome!!!

    Love it!!
    10 stars!!!!

    Customer (Seaside, OR)
    Great Koozie!

    Received this as a gift and it has instantly become my go-to koozie. I’m impressed at how insulating it is, the lining is great, snug fit on the can too. My advice - TREAT YOURSELF!

    Jaime C. (Plano, TX)
    Incorrect order

    I’ve emailed ‘customer service’ 3x with absolutely no response back. I took a picture of what I received and included my order # with pic of what I ordered. 2 totally different coozies.
    I asked how I can get the ones I actually ordered and return them. No response back at all. It’s been about a month now since I first emailed.
    Disappointed as the options are fun and cute. But, not worth it when you can’t get s response back on how to remedy an incorrect shipment.

    Hi Jaime! So so sorry your emails didn't make it through to our support team. We've found them now and are trying to figure out why they didn't hit the inbox.

    We're reaching out to you now to get your order all fixed up!

    Javier L. (Mesa, AZ)

    Beverage Adventure Vest

    Janice T. (Hot Springs, AR)
    Perfect tiny footprint! - UPDATE

    After posting a review citing the fishing vest was too small, the company contacted me and swapped it with another which fit a can perfectly! great customer service!