The Hoodie

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Keep your drink chill and comfy in The Hoodie, complete with all the nostalgic touches of your favorite 90s sweatshirt.

We all feel a little indoorsy sometimes, even your beverage. The only thing missing from this drinkwear is the thumb holes because, well, cans and bottles don’t have thumbs.

Fits well: 12oz cans and 16oz tall cans

The Hoodie koozies by Puffin Drinkwear

Let’s get cozy.

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The Hoodie - Seafoam koozie by Puffin Drinkwear


Customer Reviews

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Jerry (Cleveland, OH)
Love the hoodie

Cute! The strings actually work! And, by the way, it also keeps drinks cold.


It’s the most adorable thing. My granddaughter just loves it. She uses it as a gear shit cover.

Staci (Richmond, VA)
The Cutest!

While my beer might’ve been a little overdressed, the hoodie koozie has already spent a week at the beach with me. Using the drawstrings to pull the hood down over the top helps keep the beer cool if you are stashing to consume later. Love the hard bottom that keeps your drink upright. Such an easy way to add some flair to your drinks!

Anne F. (Topsham, ME)
Brings the beverage experience to a whole new level!

My husband and I LOVE our black and pink Hoodie Puffins! We got them to match our real life matching black and pink hoodies. When they are not in use, they make such a cute decoration in the kitchen next to each other. Easy to drink out of and keeps the cold for a long time!

Josh D. (Oviedo, FL)
My beer wears clothes

These are just cool. They start a lot of conversations, but they are also functional. We have 4 now and love them. 2 summer, 2 hoodies, only need the sweater to make it complete!

Jessica C. (Elmira, NY)
My favorite hoodie!!!

I absolutely love every single Puffin that I own.. I am up to seven and don’t plan to stop anytime soon! I love the Hoodie because it fits all of the bottles and cans I’ve tried just perfect. I get so many compliments on my various Puffins, they’re always sure to start a conversation. Thanks for a great product!

Tonia Y. (Indianapolis, IN)
Best idea, ever!!!

This is truly a one of a kind, fabulous product. Functional, and a conversation starter. I've never been happier with a coozie. BUY ONE!!!! or several...

S. (Newport News, VA)
Love it

Bought these to personalize for work friends…they were a huge hit! Ended up buying 4 more.

Robert H. (Dallas, TX)
Hoodie goes hard...and soft

I love my Hoodie Puffin so much. It makes me feel cooler and like I'm somebody. Everyone loves it and they want to get to know me because I must be special to own such a special thing. Mine is camo so sometimes I lose my drink if I set it down outside but I always find it because there's always a circle of hot girls standing around it, admiring it and lusting after it. Did I mention that it is soft, too?

ashley r. (Houston, TX)
So Many Compliments!

This koozie is the best, keeps my drink cold, I love the fact that I can cover where I sip if the wind picks up! I go two black ones as soon as it came back in stock, one for me and one for my daughter so we could match. Seems very durable. Fits my skinny cans, regular cans, and long necks. The laces are actually functional!