The Puffy

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Your essential wardrobe item now has a matching sidekick—because you deserve a cold beverage and your drink deserves to look cool. Enter The Puffy. With several colors to choose from, you and your drink might even find a matching combo. Talk about a power couple.

Fits well: 12 oz cans
The Puffy with falling leaves

Drinking can be
"in tents"

The Puffy by Puffin Drinkwear


Customer Reviews

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Jessica C. (Long Beach, CA)
Puffin won Chirstmas this year

I bought a set of Puffy Jacket coozies for Christmas gifts for my friends this year. They absolutely loved them. They are comfortable to hold and they stand securely on a table. The puffy does actually keep the beverage cold!

Matt (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Quality coozie that works

I bought two for Xmas gifts and then had to go buy another one for myself. They are great quality coozies. Always a conversation piece. And they keep my drink cold. What more can you ask for. These short ones work on 12oz regular cans and the taller skinny cans too.

Pete f.N. (Kearny, NJ)
Best beer cooler EVER!

The reaction that I received, when my wife opened this stocking stuffer, was better that the reaction I received, when my wife opened her very expensive bracelet!

Kate (Cicero, IL)
Was a hit!

Gave as a Christmas gift and they absolutely loved it, said it keeps beverages cold, letting hands stay warm and not wet.

The quality is unexpectedly very good like a shrunken version of a regular coat with charmingly tiny details like a size tag.

Not to mention, definite crowd pleaser, others wanted their own.

Bertina (Manhattan Beach, CA)
Love it!

I bought these for myself and for gifts and everyone loved them and asked where I bought them. It keeps my drink cool, but I use it mostly to keep my hands from feeling the condensation from the drink. I especially love the handle created by the jacket sleeve and the zipper allows me to put a few different sized drinks inside like a Starbucks drink (although it won’t zip up all the way). It’s a great gift for others. Can’t wait for them to come out with more color options.

Lukas C. (Brighton, MA)
Perfect gift for any occasion

Bought for stocking stuffers and the whole family loved them! 10/10

Carolyn L.W. (Hampton, VA)
my niece loves it!!

Everyone thought it was the cutest, funniest gift. We absolutely love it!

E.Y. (San Marcos, CA)
Only one downside

My wife got this for me as a Christmas gift... I immediately thought it was a little gimmicky. But as soon as I loaded it up the arm "handles" were a star! It was easy to hang with the family while sipping it like a coffee mug.

Now, to the point of my title; "Only one downside". The downside to this is now I need to buy a matching blaze orange and camo jacket so we can be twins.

Customer (Saint Paul, MN)
So great!

I couldn't wait to give it for the holidays so I gave it to my wife for her birthday on the 4th! Black Puffy Jacket and she loves it! Very cool product. \m/_

Doreen S. (Westland, MI)
Love it!!!

It's a great conversation piece and I love it