The Space Suit

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1969 will always go down as the year that American astronauts walked on the Moon, and 2022 will be known as the year our drinks got their own space suit for maximized beverage chilling.

This Puffin’s closable backpack is perfect for stashing treasures like a snack or some moondust. Cheers to the brave space explorers who’ve gazed down upon our pale blue dot we call home and thought quietly to themselves, “I could really use a cold drink.”

Fits well: 12oz cans and 16oz tall cans


Out of this world


Customer Reviews

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Colleen G. (Lockport, NY)
The Space Suit

It is perfect! 🖖🏼

Nicole (Winter Springs, FL)
Ice Breaker

These are the perfect gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. they’re even cuter in person. Makes any can hysterically entertaining.

Jenny F. (Cleveland, OH)
Nice Quality

Very intricate and well made. Def worth the $.

Kica (Houston, TX)


Curtis G. (Moses Lake, WA)
GF loved it!

Super detailed and well built she flipped over the gift her fav part was the pocket where she could store snacks or candy so she says lol. Keep up the good work puffin. Loved it so much I bought two other ones a vest and a hoodie love them both as well

Rachel L.M. (Madison, WI)
As a long time puffin obsessive buyer, I could not have prepared myself for the joy this brought me

I’m an astronomer who collects coozies. I can’t even begin to explain my excitement about this puffin. The little backpack fits my whole PHONE so like I can just tuck it in there and the hood will keep snow out of the beer too I mean y’all, this is peak coozie time. Also then new rubber base is very fancy y’all. It makes it more stable and stuff I guess not that the old ones were unstable — but it’s sturdy af. Absolutely incredible addition to the collection. Can’t recommend this one high enough.

Jen B. (West Berlin, NJ)
Our son loved it!

Our son loves space, and also loves these Puffins, so it was a perfect gift for him. It's super cute and he loves using it.

Crystal C. (Killeen, TX)
The absolute beat!!

I love that not only is this the cutest ever, but also has a functional pocket! It’s perfect size for you to put your ID in so you don’t have to carry a bag

Scotty H. (Minneapolis, MN)
Space suit

Very creative idea and quality craftsmanship!

Linda Y. (Birmingham, AL)
Great Space Suit

Updating my review, somehow it went through as one star when I clicked 5 star.